Your Hosts - Naomi and Heather

We both share a passion and enjoyment of art. Our focus is to provide an environment of fun and relaxation where you can enjoy tapping into your own creativity. Painting is a lifelong journey for us that we want to share with you!

Naomi and Heather


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If you are keen to read and see more about what we like to paint, draw or create, other than what is written below, please refer to the blog section of this website under our names.

Naomi Wheeler

From inland Hawkes Bay and then Ngongotaha, my family’s creativity was nurtured and celebrated throughout our upbringing. As an Occupational Therapist I have been creative in my work whenever possible. Now our children are grown I’m enjoying spending more time drawing and painting.

I am inspired by nature and have enjoyed painting sessions with my sisters over good food and wine and also with Heather and a couple of other good friends. From being mentored by Auckland Artist, Raewyn Turner I attended 2 years of a part-time year-long painting course at Browne Art School, Auckland, where my style focussed on people in places. Exhibiting and selling publicly was part of the learning for this course.

Since then I have been learning more and extending my experience with using water colour as well as continuing my practice painting with acrylics and life drawing. See my instagram page naomiandart for 2018.

Music has also been a big part of my life. There are guitars, ukuleles, songbooks and willing participants here should any visitors feel a yearning to put them to good use.

Heather and I have been running Art Break since early 2015 and are delighted with the positive feedback and response from our guests, some who have taken up art (and music) as a result and others who have enjoyed the experience just in itself.People have found the painting so absorbing and in this way an escape from everyday worries and/or responsibilities. Because our art practice in ongoing we are always evolving. Every group of guests is different and this all keeps Art Break fresh and new for us all.

Heather Taylor

Art Break Waihi grew out of painting weekends Naomi and I have done for a few years now, our discussions about art and creativity and the enjoyment we share of painting and being at the beach.

Naomi and I met through working with students with disabilities as they transition from school and we worked together for many years.

I am an artist who likes to explore many types of art. Many years ago I worked with mosaic and glass. In 2012 I completed a year long mentoring course at Corbans Art Centre. A highlight and breakthrough came for me when attending a painting course in Spain. The style was free-flowing, colourful with bold expressions and close observation of the landscape and seascape. I found a love of painting seascapes and I am enjoying developing a style and vision of my own. Spending time at the beach has also led to making quirky birds from shells - a fun 3D aspect of the beach. I have continued doing further art study and practice at Browne School of Art and have done this for the past three years. I am incorporating fibreglass, resin and collage into my paintings and exploring the 1960s and 1970s this current year 2017.

Each year I have a wonderful time creating something for WOW (World of Wearable Arts) and in 2014 I received an Honourable Mention for my entry in the Bizarre Bra section. I tried making a creation for the Aotearoa Section in 2015, a bra again in 2016 and am returning to bra making next year - 2018.

Like Naomi I love all the fun, laughter, music and creativity that comes with being part of Art Break. We have met such a wide range of interesting people and we get a real buzz from seeing people enjoy making art and enjoying Waihi Beach too.

For me it was a wonderful escape to the beach to be amongst others who are having so much fun with their artistic endeavours. Lovely food served, comfortable bed and the fun of having the option of showering under the stars. A glass of wine at the end of a day of painting relaxing with a truly eclectic selection of music and discussing the day's work was a real pleasure. Great hosts.

Heather W October 2015

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