2016 Painting

Published 14 September, 2016 by Naomi in Naomi

So far this year our class have all been furthering our own styles and preparing now, in earnest, for our end of year exhibition. Painting continues to be a ‘journey’ fluctuating with days that are great and times that are disheartening! However, there are enough good times to keep me going and sharing a space with fellow painters is very motivating. We have many discussions with our tutors, Katherine Stevens and of course the ever-cheerful Matthew Browne. Below are just two works as preparation for the paintings for the exhibition. I am painting people in spaces which hopefully communicates something about them and their relationship with one another.  That is the plan anyway. Prior to starting the class this year I ‘broke out’ and painted two landscapes, one of the mamakus near where I spent most of my growing up, and the other of Waihi Beach from a photo Heather took on a silvery day.

Click on image below to enlarge:

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