Welcoming overseas travellers

Published 19 August, 2016 by Naomi

We are loving hearing from international travellers coming to New Zealand.  It’s such an interesting and enjoyable experience for ourselves, our other guests and for them of course, when they come and share an Artbreak.

I have thought, when I was travelling New Zealand or anywhere overseas, that I would love to join an art holiday. The only problem was that my friends didn’t want to do this and leaving them for a week wasn’t going to work in the travel plans for everyone.  I thought how nice it would be to join one for a couple of nights.  That way it would be more affordable for me and I could easily leave my travel buddy/s for that amount of time without spoiling the holiday.  I’d also meet people who also love to paint and create.

Now we are catering for this market as well as mainly New Zealand people of course, and we’ve had such good feedback.  The travellers have loved seeing and swimming at our beaches and just enjoying what our kiwi art retreat has to offer. We just need to help people to know about us so please help us spread the word!

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