End of year Art Exhibition 2015

Published 14 January, 2016 by Naomi in Naomi

In December Heather and I exhibited paintings, along with other art students, as part of our year long course at Browne School of Art.   The opening night was buzzing as a friendly crowd perused the walls of art over good wine and food and to the strains of a jazz duo.  Both Heather and I sold several paintings which was a thrill.

My paintings were all inspired from snap shots on my trip to Spain with friends in 2014.  In the course our tutors, Matthew and Linda, encouraged me to be brave and leave some information out of my paintings.  Keep the viewer guessing, less is more.  I have acheived this to a certain extent although, as a fairly down-to-earth person,  it is a pretty uncomfortable thing for me to do!  All my paintings in the exhibition were acrylic and ink on A4 size gesso-ed board.

Click on image below to enlarge:

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