Art Break 25-27 February

Published 15 March, 2015 in Testimonials

We enjoyed such a lovely Art Break from Wednesday to Friday at the tail end of  Summer. The weather was so balmy we could spend a good two painting sessions at the beach and also a session with water colour.  Here’s some feedback to give a fuller ‘picture’ of our time.

I am still buzzing about our Art Break experience.  I’m so amazed at what I was able to paint over such a short period of time.  My favourites are framed and on the walIs already!

I have to admit that I fully believed it was going to be more about time to catch up with (my friend who also came), and had thought I wouldn’t have much luck with the painting, though was happy to ‘give it a go’. Both of you were so encouraging, open and non-judgmental, and with the enthusiasm of the whole group, I was able to lose my inhibitions to allow the sub-conscious creative process to just flow, and to grow.

More than that was the re-awakening of a creative energy that had been sacrificed to a busy life with family and work.  I think this has meant over-using the logical and practical side of my brain for a long time.  The complete retreat that you provided with Art Break (no cooking, cleaning, organising, work etc) focusing only on art (with some musical enhancements) switched that thinking off and rekindled the creative side of my brain.  I had forgotten how completely absorbing and relaxing that could be. 


I want to thank you both for a wonderful two ‘lost-in-art’ days last week. The delivery of a first-class experience in such a motivating environment, coupled with tasteful food, wine and music appeared absolutely effortless, thanks to all the work you must have put in behind the scenes. You both provided gentle guidance (and all the necessary equipment) for my first foray into watercolour, ensuring I felt completely relaxed and unpressured. And when the tide came in or the light faded, we swam, rode bikes or just kicked back; Waihi Beach was our playground. I left with my art work under my arm, feeling not only somewhat proud, but wanting to explore the world a little more with a paintbrush in hand.

Thanks again,

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